Karon’s Errands is great! We have used this service several times and have found her dependable and on time. We highly recommend Karon’s Errands for anyone with a transportation problem.
Kenneth & Willa Stone - Mesquite, TX
Please allow me to tell you how happy I am with the service that I received from KaronsErrands. Shortly before Thanksgiving, I found myself with a full day’s errands and absolutely no time, as the school district in which I teach scheduled class during the week of the holiday. The family planned on a turkey dinner at my house, and I was down to the wire with remaining chores. Karon took my car in for service, ordered special dishes from two restaurants, and had two watches repaired. At each of these destinations, she handled my business quickly and skillfully, insisting that the store and service personnel manage the tasks to my exact specifications. I felt as if I had completed the errands myself. Best of all, the errands that I was sure would have taken me the full day were completed by Karon in 3.5 hours. Now that I know that KaronsErrands has my back and that my busy schedule has a little breathing room, I feel so relieved! Thank you, Karon.
Jan Mallett - Dallas, TX
My wife and I were desperate to find someone to provide us with transportation. We were so fortunate to find Karon Davis of Karon’s Errands. Our needs were met with promptness, professionalism and total competence. In addition, you will never meet a nicer person.

We look forward to continuing to use her services for a variety of needs. We have no doubt that those needs will be met perfectly.

We could not recommend her more highly than we do. You will not be disappointed if you use her services.
Phil & Mary Anne Matthews - Greenville, TX